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Nikki Gilbert, Owner

I was born and raised in Great Falls, Montana. I love Great Falls! I love that there are plains and mountains in every direction, rivers and fishing galore, skiing and hiking and everything in between! The one thing I could do without is the WIND…but that’s Great Falls, so I’ll deal with it! I attended Montana State University and a piece of me will always love Bozeman and the Paradise Valley. Go Cats!

I met my hubby, Erick on a BLIND DATE (yes…for real). I fell in love with the first sarcastic thing he said and have been laughing with him, at him, around him ever since! We have two daughters, (a mutually agreed upon term, as teenagers, kids, and spawn were all veto’d). Their names are Kassie and Kaitlyn, but we call them Snicklefritz and Ishkabbible. I’m sad to say, they have grown up way too fast and in very short order, they will be leaving the nest!

In 2014, as if I had nothing else going on, I added two additional bundles of four-legged joy to our family….Kali and Kleo. They are cream colored golden retrievers and they shed on everything, but they are the sweetest, most lovable girls in the whole wide world…so I’ll forgive them for turning my very nice backyard into a scene from war-zone. And finally, to complete this crazy gang is our cat…Luna. She’s pitch black, has the softest fur I have ever felt, and she hates me. It hurts my feelings daily, but I’ve grown to accept that this is our fate. She will, under desperation and only in the walk-in closet (where no one can see), come up to me and ask to be petted, but if anyone walks in…that ends quickly.

So there you have it….my life in a paragraph. I laugh a lot, I have no ability to wear any color of clothing without white dog hair or black cat hair on it, I don’t take myself seriously at all, and if you make me...I will sing out-of-tune loudly to get you to smile! All in all, I’m a blast and people have a good time with me-or at least I think they do!