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Newborn FAQs

How old does my newborn need to be to do a posed newborn session?

The best age is 5-7 days old. We will do them up until 14 days old.

My baby is 6 weeks old. Can we still do a newborn session?

Yes, of course we can do an infant session, but a posed newborn session may not be possible. If baby is still curling up and has been swaddled consistently since birth, they may still be posable. Babies who are out of their curl or who already stretch are hard to get into position and hard to keep asleep the required amount of time to do most of the poses. They often times startle easily and can be difficult to wrap. As a general rule, babies are usually best photographed in a lifestyle session that features them at home, with mom and dad. We make no guarantees for this age. Usually we will work with baby for 45-60 minutes, if they won’t sleep, we will visit with you about scheduling a lifestyle session and using the remainder of your time that way.

What needs to happen before the session?

20 minutes before the session, baby should be stripped down to his/her diaper and then wrapped loosely in a blanket and fed. Make sure baby is burped and rocked to sleep. Place baby in carseat and put a couple of blankets on top so he/she is nice and toasty warm!

My baby is breast feeding, should I pump before I come?

This is really up to the mother. We don’t have a private place for breastfeeding mothers, so as long as she is comfortable with feeding with or without a chest cover in front of the photographer, she doesn’t need to pump. If she uncomfortable, she may want to pump a small bottle, as baby usually feeds at least once during a session.

What should I bring for the session?

Extra diapers, wet wipes, a bottle with formula or breastmilk, a pacifier. (We will request you use a pacifier for the session, even if your baby won’t be using one on a regular basis.)

How long does a newborn session take?

Anywhere from 90 minutes to 3 hours. We go completely on baby’s schedule. There are usually times where baby needs to be soothed back to sleep, be cleaned up from a potty mess, or just rocked. We don’t push…everything is very laid back. Parents should bring something to eat and something to keep themselves occupied…it’s a nice break for you!